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Jeremy A. Teel -  Artist/Activist/Engagement Expert

Jeremy A. Teel, a profoundly influential photographer and visual storyteller, has a compelling commitment to unveiling the intricate threads of human experiences often left in the shadows. Fueled by his dedication to social justice, equity, and a deep-rooted passion for representing marginalized voices, Jeremy's lens captures raw, authentic narratives that compel viewers to reflect and engage.

One of his standout works, "I, Too, Am Kink," is a compelling portrait series offering an intimate exploration of People of Color within the BDSM/Kink community. By juxtaposing their vibrant contributions against a backdrop of an often homogeneous scene, Jeremy challenges norms, breaks boundaries, and champions the importance of representation. This collection is not just an exhibition of photographs but a striking testament to his unwavering dedication to ensuring that voices on the fringes are both heard and celebrated.

Jeremy's artistry extends beyond the frame. He is the visionary behind Beyond Brothas, a venture that resonates deeply with his ethos of creating affirming spaces for men of color. It's this same spirit that birthed initiatives like Austin Black Pride and The Woodard Circle, both reflective of his intrinsic commitment to diversifying narratives in art and society.

Having been engaged in significant board affiliations like AGLIFF (All Genders Lifestyles and Identities Film Festivals) and Sketch Alley, Jeremy's influence in the arts sector is palpable. As chair of the Queer Black Voices Fund, he ensures that Black Queer films' diverse hues and nuances grace screens, ensuring that stories from every corner of life find their spotlight.

Currently a 2023 Fellow at the African American Leadership Institute, Jeremy's pursuit of knowledge and understanding is endless. His education at Western Governors University, focusing on Business Administration and Marketing, cements his approach, blending the finesse of art with strategic insights.

In Jeremy A. Teel's work, viewers are invited into a world where every frame is an invitation to connect, reflect, and be a part of a larger movement for change. Through his lens, Jeremy doesn't just capture moments; he captures revolutions, making him a transformative force in the world of contemporary photography.

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